Chinese Milk Scandal (2008)

I found this very interesting and something that I thought everyone should know about.  When a company sacrifices human health for profitable gain we should all be on alert. 

A Chinese milk company deliberately inserted a plastic (melamine) into foods with the ruse of an increased Protein amount-- that is terrifying.  Infants were developing kidney stones while Sanlu Group raked in profits through cost savings on real protein.  300,000 children affected.   Many died from this scandal and individuals involved were executed as well.  This has all the makings of a Hollywood movie.  The World Health Organization called it one of the largest food safety events of our time yet no one I speak with has ever heard of it (Wikipedia.)  I think the lesson is to eat from your own backyard or local whenever possible.  This is the kind of thing that got me making my own Protein Bars and Raw Food Bars a long time ago.